How to Get a Car Title Loan in Los Angeles

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How to Get a Car Title Loan in Los Angeles

Do you need a fast cash loan in Los Angeles but don’t have good credit? Have local banks denied your loan request because of a low credit score? Well, don’t get worked up. There’s good news. At Car Title Loans California, you can easily get a car title loan in Los Angeles.

We understand that life is full of uncertainties and that a financial emergency might show up when you least expect. We also understand that in spite of poor credit, you still deserve the chance to live life to the fullest.

This is the reason why we exist; to give you a chance to receive an instant cash loan. And when you come to us, you will be able to get a car title loan in Los Angeles fast.

Be it an emergency situation or extra cash to stabilize your finances; we can always help you. And quite different from traditional collateral loans that require you giving up your asset, you will not surrender your car.

The way our Los Angeles auto title loan works, we let you borrow the money you need and still allow you to keep your car or vehicle.

The Los Angeles title loan process is fast and painless, and in less than 15 minutes, you will be off in your car with the cash in your hands.


Fast Online Auto Title Loans in Los Angeles

You have the opportunity to apply for an online auto title loan fast by simply accessing the car title loan form available on our website.

Applying for a car title loan online eliminates the challenge of proximity to a title loan location. It also makes it possible to do a completely online car title loan in the shortest possible time.

To get a Los Angeles car title loan online, you will have to fill up the title loan form with your full name, e-mail and home address. You will also have to input some information about your car, including its model.

Once you submit your application, you will get a response from one of our title loan reps almost immediately with an initial quote which comes with zero obligations.

The online car title loan application is a swift one that will take you only about 3 minutes to complete. And since it is designed to give you a same-day loan on your car title, you can collect the money in one business day.

When there are financial emergency and an urgent need for cash, then an online auto title loan will get you the money fast. And as you might have observed so far, the nature of your credit has nothing to do with your eligibility for an online car title loan in Los Angeles, California.

How to get a loan

What You Need to Get a Los Angeles Car Title Loan

As with any other form of cash advance, there are a few stipulations you ought to meet, as well some requirements you will have to make available. However, the car title loan requirements are not complex like that of regular loans from conventional lenders.

Banks, for example, will not only require that you have a perfect credit; you also have to pledge an asset of high value as collateral. The documentation process is a complex one and takes a long time before you know your fate.

The Los Angeles title loan requirement is simple and straightforward. And it is also easy to qualify for an auto title loan in Los Angeles.

For you to qualify for a car title loan in LA, you need to;

  • Own a car, and the car title must be in your name. You can also qualify with your car equity as well, provided it’s up to our threshold.
  • Have a steady income flow monthly, whether you are employed, unemployed or retired. Your monthly income should be at least $1,000.
  • Be up to 18 years and above, as stipulated in the state regulations.

After you apply for the loan and receive an approval, there are some documents you also have to make available. These documents include;

  • Proof of your monthly income. A paystub can perfectly serve this purpose. If you’re unemployed, then a proof of your retirement or unemployment benefit will be enough.
  • Proof of residency. A utility bill receipt with your home address would be enough.
  • Your car title. This document is what we will keep as the lien holder, and we will return your title when you pay off your loan.
  • A valid means of identification. Your driver’s license can serve this purpose. This requirement is to validate your details, as well as your residential address.
  • At least 2 references


Benefits of a Los Angeles Car Title Loan

There are loads of amazing benefits in getting a car title loan in LA. Below are just a few;

  • You get the cash you need on the same day
  • Instant approval after application
  • No credit limitation
  • Affordable rates compared to other financing alternatives
  • You continue to drive your car
  • More money than cash advance from local pawn shops
  • Simple application process with minimal paperwork

With Car Title Loans California, not only are you in good hands, but it also gets better. While other title loan companies in Los Angeles are willing to give you only about 50-70% of your car’s worth, we give you a whopping 85%. This means more cash in your pocket.

While you can get a title loan with no credit check, we check your credit with Experian only to reach a loan amount that your budget can service.


How to Pay Off Your Car Title Loans Quickly

Many people find it quite difficult to pay off their title loan conveniently. This may be due to a high-interest rate or an uncomfortable monthly payment. But since our title loans come at affordable rates and you only have to pay little every month, paying off your car title loan is much easier.

As much as we are concerned about helping you with instant emergency money loan in Los Angeles, we also want to see you pay off the loan with ease.

The simplest way to pay off your title loan is to comply with the monthly payment. And our title loan policy has made it such that clearing your debt is no stress at all.

At Car Title Loans California, we allow you pay a little more than the set monthly payment amount. The reason is so that you can easily pay up the loan even before the due date. We also allow you to pay off the title loan anytime before the end of the loan without charging you a penny for prepayment.

There are two other options to quickly pay off your title loan in LA;


  • Title loan refinancing


Refinancing your title loan can be a lifeline when you feel trapped in your existing title loan, especially if the interest rate from your current title loan lender is becoming unbearable. We will buy out the existing title loan, help you pay off the loan, and then offer you a title loan at a more comfortable term.


  • Talk to your lender


You have a better chance of getting a little support if you approach your lender to renegotiate terms. Instead of struggling with the possibility of default and losing your car through repossession, talking to your lender can make paying off the loan less stressful.

But the best way to quickly pay off your title loan, especially if you want to pay it off early, is to plan your finances and make adjustments ahead. This is so that you can comfortably make the payment monthly without straining your budget.


About Car Title Loans California – Why Choose Us?

Now you know all about how to get a car title loan in Los Angeles, apply for one with us now. Even if you already have a title loan with another title loan lender in Los Angeles and still feel uncomfortable with the terms, you can also contact us. We can refinance your title loan at a better and reasonable rate.

We’ve been in the business of helping people get emergency cash loans across California. With over 20 years experience in the title loan market, we’ve helped thousands of US citizens, including those with poor credit score.

Our customer service is the best. So if you’re looking to get the best car title loan in Los Angeles, then choose Car Title Loans California.